Is Kratom Legal In Canada? Canada’s stance on kratom is not black and white but a bit murky.1 You can personally own and use kratom there, yet it isn’t allowed to be sold as a dietary supplement.1 In fact, the government has shut down businesses in Edmonton for selling kratom without the right approval.1

However, for people in Canada who enjoy kratom, there’s still room for options.2 They find it through local connections or trusted online sources, ensuring it’s clearly labelled.2 Plus, the regulations around kratom are less strict in Canada than in the USA.1

Key Takeaways

  • Kratom can be legally consumed and owned by individuals in Canada, but cannot be sold by vendors as a human dietary supplement.
  • The Canadian government has taken enforcement actions, such as raiding establishments and confiscating kratom products.
  • Canadians can purchase kratom from local sellers or reputable online vendors, but proper labeling is required.
  • The legal landscape for kratom in Canada is relatively unregulated compared to the United States.
  • Ongoing research and studies may inform future policies and regulations surrounding kratom in Canada.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia. It’s found in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.3 For centuries, people have used kratom as an herbal medicine. It has two main compounds, mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine. These work in our nervous system to help with pain and relaxation.3

Origins and Traditional Uses

Kratom has a long history in Southeast Asia. Locals there use it as a natural remedy. It helps with pain, lifts mood, and boosts energy.3 People traditionally consume kratom by chewing its leaves or making them into tea.3

Active Compounds in Kratom

The main compound in kratom is mitragynine. There’s also 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is important. These substances interact with our brain’s receptors. This can have various effects, good or bad, based on use.3

Potential Benefits and Side Effects

Kratom might act as a stimulant in low amounts.3 Some say it eases anxiety, boosts endurance, and improves physical abilities. But, proof for these benefits is not strong.3 Yet, using too much kratom might bring on nausea, constipation, or even lead to dependency.3

Kratom Legal Canada: The Current Legal Landscape

The status of kratom in Canada is uncertain. The federal government is careful. They have not decided if kratom is safe for people to use. So, sellers must say that their kratom products are not meant for eating or taking.4

Health Canada’s Stance on Kratom

In 2018, there were raids in Edmonton on places selling kratom. This shows that the law is fuzzy in Canada, unlike the U.S. Health Canada talks about risks of kratom, but doesn’t show any proof to back these claims when asked by experts.

Provincial Regulations and Enforcement

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) handles the rules for kratom.4 If companies sell kratom for people or animals to use, they could get fined up to $15,000.4

Even though the laws are unclear, Canadians have more freedom to buy and use kratom than in some other places. Still, it’s important to label kratom products correctly and follow local laws.

Purchasing Kratom in Canada

Canadians have a few choices for buying kratom in canada. They can get kratom from places like smoke shops, gas stations, bars, and pubs.5 Yet, online kratom vendors canada often have better quality and more options than local spots.5

Online Vendors and Marketplaces

Buying kratom in Canada online means more options. Online shops offer a wide variety of kratom strains and types. This lets shoppers find what they need easily.5

Labeling and Packaging Requirements

Regardless of where you buy, kratom labeling canada has rules. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency makes sure all kratom is labeled as “not for human consumption.”5 This shows the government hasn’t checked if kratom is safe for people yet. So, remember, the labels are mostly for the seller to follow the law.

Quality of Consumer Health Information on Kratom

A recent study looked into the health info provided by kratom sellers online in Canada.6 They used a tool called DISCERN to check the quality of these sites. The average score of 51 sites was 36.95 out of 75, showing the health info isn’t good enough.6

Study on Online Vendor Websites

Out of the 51 sites, 40 got a low score, 2 out of 5 or less.6 This means a lot of the info on kratom online isn’t very helpful. This could help more people talk to their doctors about using kratom safely.6

Findings and Recommendations

Another study in 2021 looked at 51 kratom vendor sites in Canada. It found that 40 of these sites gave out “poor” health information.7 So, more reliable and detailed info about kratom’s benefits and risks is needed.7

kratom vendor website quality

Controversies and Debates Surrounding Kratom

There are heated discussions around kratom based on the second and third sources. The DEA and FDA have approached kratom differently. The DEA wanted to make it a Schedule I drug. But, the FDA didn’t agree. This was because of public concern and the lack of solid proof.8

Canadian experts also criticized the FDA. They say it made alarming claims about kratom without enough evidence.8

FDA and DEA Stance on Kratom

The FDA admits there’s not a lot of strong research. Few studies have given humans kratom. This can cause effects like sleepiness, upset stomach, and feeling very dependent on it.8

There’s also worry about becoming addicted to kratom. Some people may misuse it and get addicted. Yet, there hasn’t been a clear study to show if kratom is ‘addictive’ in a technical sense. Like, if it’s something people want to keep using over and over.8

The FDA hasn’t made kratom illegal due to public pushback and not enough proof.8

Advocacy Groups and Proposed Regulations

The American Kratom Association suggests the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. It aims to make sure kratom products are made and sold safely. The act also looks at the quality of these products.9

The FDA backs studies that want to learn more about kratom’s effects on people. It offers help to those who aim to do these studies right. The FDA itself is thinking of doing its study on kratom. This would check its safety, how it works in the body, and its emotional effects.8

Another group, CDER, is looking into the social and behavioral sides of kratom. They’re trying to understand why people buy and use kratom. They’re also looking at what folks expect from using kratom and how state laws on kratom affect public health.8

Kratom Legal Canada: Historical Perspective

The status of kratom in Canada has changed over the years. Initially, Canada had no laws against it. This was because its main active ingredient, mitragynine, is natural.6 It didn’t fall under banned drug categories. But in 2018, things shifted. The Canadian government enforced rules, highlighting the ban on selling health products without their approval.6

Early Regulations and Enforcement Actions

Kratom was in a legal gray area early on in Canada. It wasn’t classified as a banned substance. So, people could have it.6 But when health concerns arose, officials started to act. They seized kratom from local shops in Edmonton in 2018.6

Changing Attitudes and Public Perception

Canada’s view on kratom has shifted over time. Though Health Canada warned about its dangers, some think these fears are overblown.6 As laws and views keep changing, Canadians are starting to think differently about kratom. This reflects the ongoing debates about its use.

Safe Use and Precautions

Kratom’s legal status in Canada is a bit unclear. It’s important to use it wisely.10 Health Canada advises anyone worried about kratom to talk to a doctor. They should also stop using it if they’re concerned.10

Buying kratom from trusted sellers and sticking to the right amounts is key. We don’t fully grasp how kratom works yet.8 So, sourcing it carefully and using the correct dose matters for staying safe.

Consulting Healthcare Professionals

Having doubts about kratom means it’s time to see a doctor, says Health Canada.10 This step is critical since we lack a lot of scientific info on kratom. It could lead to issues like sedation or worse.8

Doctors can give advice to help use kratom safely and smartly.10

Responsible Sourcing and Dosage

Buying kratom from known, legal vendors in Canada is a must.10 The safety of kratom for eating or using isn’t fully clear yet by a key government agency.10 Sticking to the right dosage is also crucial because too much can lead to addiction.8

Using kratom safely in Canada means checking where it comes from and using it carefully.8

Future of Kratom Regulation in Canada

Kratom’s future in Canada is still up in the air. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has yet to say if kratom is safe for us. This means rules could change as officials keep an eye on kratom’s use and safety.9

Potential Regulatory Changes

Canada’s approach to kratom is not as strict as some U.S. states that have banned it.9 But in 2018, there were raids on kratom in Edmonton, which shows Canada might get tougher.9 How the government sees the risks and benefits of kratom could lead to more rules in the future.

Ongoing Research and Studies

Research on kratom’s effects is ongoing. Trials looking at how kratom works in the body have started, but no results are out yet.11 This research looks into kratom’s main compounds like mitragynine and how they affect us.11 Better understanding this could help shape future laws about kratom in Canada.

With kratom, the law and research are still changing. Canada is not very strict on kratom now, but this might not last. Future discoveries could lead to new rules on using this plant.12

future kratom regulations canada


The legal status of kratom in Canada is complex. It’s not outright illegal for people to have or use it. However, selling it as a natural health product is not allowed without special permission from Health Canada.11 Vendors must say kratom is “not for human consumption” to obey the law. But, many Canadians still use it regularly.11

There is a big issue with the health info about kratom that’s online. A recent study showed most sites where you can buy it have bad info.11 This means we need to make sure doctors and patients talk more. This way, Canadians can know the real deal about the risks and benefits of using kratom.

The discussion about kratom is far from over, in Canada and worldwide. More studies and changes in how people see it might lead to new laws.10 . We all must work together – policymakers, doctors, and the public. This is to make sure kratom is used in a way that’s safe and responsible in Canada.10


Is kratom legal in Canada?

According to the third source, kratom is allowed in Canada for personal use. But, it can’t be sold as a supplement. The Canadian government did raid some places in 2018, seizing kratom. This is because selling health products in Canada needs Health Canada’s OK.If you’re in Canada and want kratom, you can buy it locally or online. Just make sure it’s labeled properly to be safe.

What is kratom?

Kratom comes from a tree in Southeast Asia and the Oceania region. Locals have used it for centuries for its calming and pain relief effects. It affects the body by relaxing or stimulating, depending on the dose.Some believe it helps with anxiety and boosts energy. But, this is not fully proven.

What is Health Canada’s stance on kratom?

The third source says Health Canada is unsure if kratom is safe for people to use. That’s why products must say they’re “not for human consumption.” Even with this uncertainty, Canadians can still find and buy kratom pretty easily.Health Canada has talked about possible risks of kratom. But, when asked, they haven’t shown evidence of these risks to researchers.

How can Canadians purchase kratom?

In Canada, you can get kratom from local places like smoke shops or online. Online stores might have more choices and better quality. Just make sure it’s labeled as not for human use when buying.This labeling is meant to fit with current rules. It’s more about sellers and regulations than about the safety of using kratom.

What is the quality of consumer health information on kratom vendor websites in Canada?

Looking at online kratom sellers in Canada, a study found most sites have bad info. The study used a special tool called DISCERN to check these websites. Most didn’t give clear or helpful details.This means people looking for info about kratom might not find good advice online. The study recommends talking to a doctor or nurse instead.

What are the controversies and debates surrounding kratom?

The second and third sources highlight ongoing debates about kratom. In the US, some agencies have tried to ban it, but they faced resistance. Some in Canada say the US FDA is too harsh without enough proof.There’s also talk about laws to make sure kratom sold in the US is safe and meets certain standards.

How has the legal status of kratom in Canada evolved over time?

Originally, kratom was legal in Canada because it’s not like traditional drugs. But, later, selling it faced more restrictions, as seen in the 2018 raids. Still, opinions on kratom in Canada have varied. Some think the risks were overstated without solid proof.This shows that how people and the government view kratom keeps changing over time.

How can Canadians use kratom safely?

Though kratom’s legal status is murky in Canada, being careful is essential. Health Canada suggests talking to a doctor before trying kratom. It’s also wise to buy from trusted sellers and follow their dose recommendations.Learning where your kratom comes from and using it cautiously can help minimize risks.

What is the future of kratom regulation in Canada?

As of now, Canada’s stance on kratom is undecided. While it’s more lenient than the US, the safety for human use isn’t certain. The source speculates that rules might change in the future.There are studies coming up that might shed light on kratom’s safety and use. This research could influence future regulations and policies in Canada.SHOP KRATOM IN CANADA

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