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Neuro Mood

Neuro Mood is dosed with 250 mgs of Psilocybin. It’s combination often gives people a sense of Euporia and Energy. 

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Neuro Blend

Neuro Blend is dosed with a modest 80 mgs of Psilocybin. It has been known to relieve symptoms of depression and Anxiety.

Who We Are.

Microdose Mushrooms is a group of passionate mushroom advocates who have set a goal to provide information, research, and access to and about microdosing mushrooms.

We are extremely excited about the wonderful new discoveries on the powerful medical benefits of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. Studies have shown microdosing mushrooms can help treat PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and other mental ailments. Along with treating these mental ailments, microdosing psilocybin mushrooms has powerful mental performance benefits such as increased creativity, focus, mood boost, and thinking “outside the box.”

Microdosing Mushrooms For Flow State

Microdosing Mushrooms For Flow State

Microdosing Mushrooms For Flow State   What are Flow States and how can Microdosing help achieve entering a Flow State:   A flow state is something that every human has experienced in their life at one point or another. It is the mental state of feeling...

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