Why is Lab Testing Kratom Vital before making it Available for Sale?


When you are about to shop for kratom, you might have come across the word kratom lab testing. Many choices are there to buy kratom online, but it is necessary to get lab-tested kratom. So that you will have a chance to buy a better quality kratom, and it must be third-party lab tested. Lab-tested kratom gives information about the plant’s potency, purity, and quality. Also, it is the best way to get safe and effective products. When kratom vendors follow these measures to ensure the quality control of their kratom for sale, it shows they value kratom users’ safety and health.

Why is Lab Testing Kratom Vital before making it Available for Sale?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Kratom is a tree from Southeast Asia and other tropical regions. The leaves are traditionally well-known for their healing benefits. The matured leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder, and the leaves are further processed and isolated from the active alkaloids. Vendors sell kratom products in dry forms and also as capsules or liquid extracts. Kratom is dependent- highly on quality. If there is any mistake taken from cultivation through processing, packaging, and shipping, it may decrease the potency of the finished product. It may get contaminated with microorganisms that could harm the health of the user. The premium supplier of kratom will sell their product only after lab testing.


The importance of lab testing kratom before it is available for sale:

Lab testing kratom is not a marketing trick, but it is a vital step in manufacturing, followed by many reputable kratom dealers. Lab test is carried out to protect both the consumers and dealer as it provides the certified results of chemicals and compounds. It is directly contributing to the efficacy and safety of the products. The lab testing should ensure the following things:


The potency of the products       

The quality and the concentration of the active compounds present in kratom determine whether the product is worth the money to buy. It helps to find whether the product contains only kratom leaf powder and no other things. The potency of the kratom is highlighted by its alkaloid level. Generally, alkaloids are present in all flowering plants. The most potent alkaloids present in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. If the kratom product consists of a low concentration of alkaloids, then you cannot achieve any outcome for your target. At the same time, if the concentration of mitragynine is too high, it may also cause more effect than your desired result.


Consistency of the product 

To get consistent results, the United States of America is selling kratom products for research-oriented purposes. The high-quality product will deliver only the correct concentration of active constituents. You should measure the lab-tested kratom against the parameters set by the manufacturers.


Absence of contaminants

There may be many unseen opportunities for the contamination of chemicals during the processing of kratom products. Insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, toxic heavy metals, and some other solvents are used in the processing that can enter into the products. Hence lab testing acts as a defence against these contaminations.

Heavy metals are a class of dangerous substances present in kratom. Heavy metals are abundantly found around the environment, and from the soil, it enters into the kratom. Lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury are some of the heavy metals tested in the laboratory.


No biological contaminants


In case of improper handling of kratom products, they will have a chance to exposure to biological contaminants like Salmonella, aerobic plate count, yeast, mold, E.Coli, and Staphylococcus. These microorganisms can have effects on the human body systems.


Therefore doing lab tests can safely stop this outbreak. And also identifies the source of contamination and stops it from happening again. If there is the presence of pathogens, it shows that the leaves are not picked up from the matured leaves but from the ground. Another reason may be the storage of the product in a damp place, which is a perfect place for the mould to grow.


Those microorganisms are responsible for the harmful effect on human beings. The vendors must know their presence before selling their products. Suppose there is a pathogen in the product, which means they have to destroy the products immediately and should not sell them to the customers. Hence, lab testing is needed to take care of the customer’s health and well-being.


When a pathogen is present in minimal amounts, the human immune system can handle it without facing any issues. But when it exceeds the normal range, it cannot be tolerated by the human system.


Third-party laboratory test

The kratom powder or leaf samples are sent to the third-party laboratory test by reputable sellers before it reaches the customer. Here they will analyze the alkaloid levels, label transparency, and other bio-contaminants such as bacteria, mould, or other microorganisms. If the result of lab analysts detect the presence of any pathogens in the sample, then it is clear that some problems have taken place in the harvesting techniques. To ensure the absence of harmful pathogens and 100% purity, the vendors should provide a complete report.


Check the dates of the kratom lab-test

You have to check the dates of kratom labels before the purchase. If the recently imported new kratom by vendors, but the lab test dates are old. Then it shows the latest batch is not lab-tested. It may be due to having only a few employees as they run a small business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them and verify all the necessary details. Kratom vendors who run an ethical business should take care of the well-being of their customers. They should provide all the details without raising any issues.


Select the right lab to test kratom

When you go for lab testing, you have to choose the right lab. All the labs are not created equally for analysis. The right lab will be transparent, accredited, reliable, and experienced. The methods used in the lab for testing should be scientifically valid and standard. When you are following these conditions, then you will get an inaccurate result.

The American Kratom Association tries to legitimize the kratom industry to stop misleading and inaccurate data and narratives about kratom. The misinformation about kratom may be due to the poorly tested lab report and not undergoing lab tests at all. You have to check whether kratom is legal in your state before buying it online.



All the kratom companies take some necessary steps to prevent unsafe products from entering the market by lab testing before making them for sale. The lab-tested kratom for sale will have a sticker on the back with a batch ID. It helps to have a piece of knowledge about the batch series, strain, and date. One can identify the raw materials that meet the standard quality. Kratom users should buy lab-tested kratom to lead a safer life.



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