Set and Setting When Taking Magic Mushrooms


The interaction of chemicals, internal state, and surroundings are referred to as “set and setting” in psychedelic experiences. Originally proposed by Timothy Leary in 1964, the idea was further developed by Norman Zinberg, who added four more Ss: substance, sitter, session, and scenario.

The term “set” relates to a person’s internal circumstances, including mindset, premeditation, mood, personality, beliefs, and perceptions. Arranging a “set” can be as simple as taking care of yourself to prepare for good mental and physical health for your upcoming psychedelic journey. This can include meditation, enjoying nature, journalling, reflecting on your thoughts and intention, etc.

The term “setting” describes everything that is happening outside, including the people you are surrounded by, the music, the scents and the weather, as well as the cultural factors that form the experience. The physical environment could be a cozy room with a bed or couch, access to the bathroom, comfy cushions and blankets, or a stereo system for some music. The ambiance should emphasize inner tranquilly. Some people prefer to steer clear of verbal communication and submerge themselves in total darkness by covering their eyes.

The psychedelic experience is also shaped by social and cultural factors, and depending on the setting, using psychedelic drugs can have quite varied effects. In order to have a favourable experience, You should always be mindful of the surrounding circumstances. It will be helpful, especially in your first time, to have an experienced person to assist and guide you when you are experiencing something new.


Tips For Set and Setting When Taking Magic Mushrooms

– Perfecting your “set” and “setting” can be challenging. It may never seem perfect. But the importance here is to see your psychedelic trip as an overall experience with surrounding elements. An example of “set and setting” can be planning a three-day process, with the first day devoted to introspection and time in nature, the second day for taking the psychedelic, and the third day for processing the experience and documenting any discoveries or insights. Choose a safe and comfortable environment: A peaceful, familiar, and private space will help create a positive experience.

– Set intentions: Decide on the goals or intentions you want to achieve before the experience.

– Have a trusted sitter: Having a supportive and experienced person present during the experience can be beneficial.

– Prepare for the trip: This can include things like eating a light meal, getting enough sleep, and avoiding substances that can interfere with the experience.

– Reduce distractions: Turn off electronic devices and remove any items or distractions that might cause anxiety or confusion.

– Consider your mindset: A positive attitude and an open mind can help make the experience more meaningful.

– Take the right dose: Start with a low dose and work your way up to a higher dose gradually.

– Have a plan for after the trip: Plan for a relaxing and quiet post-trip environment, with activities to ground you back into reality.

– Know the risks: Be aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with psychedelics, and seek medical attention if necessary.

Note: It’s important to remember that psychedelics can have unpredictable effects and can be dangerous if misused. Always prioritize your safety and well-being. Also, we always recommend working with a trained professional when taking psychedelics