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B+ Mushroom Strain

Renowned for its well-rounded effects, the B+ strain of mushrooms delivers a pleasing fusion of cerebral and ocular perceptions. Users frequently describe feeling euphoric and having a solid connection to their environment, making it a popular option for contemplative meditation or outdoor walks. The visual effects, which make colours seem more vivid and patterns more prominent, are usually characterized as subtle yet enhancing. Unlike other strains, B+ usually offers a mild, uplifting effect without being overly intense. Thus, it's good for both new and seasoned psychonauts.

The B+ mushroom strain, which originated in Florida in the late 1980s, became well-known immediately due to its versatility and toughness. Its extensive cultivation and usage result from its adaptability to different temperatures and substrates. The strain's name, B+, is believed to reflect its positive and beneficial effects and its above-average size. Despite its mysterious origins, the B+ mushroom strain has become a staple in the psychedelic community, celebrated for its accessible and enjoyable experiences.

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  1. Lina (verified owner)

    I reeeaaally wanted to love this strain. After much research and decision making I finally settled on this one and was looking forward to trying it— and I did.

    I tried it on 3 separate occasions. Same conditions each time, same physical/mental state. I’m not a novice tripper. There was nothing in my arrangement that I felt contributed to the terrible experience.

    I hated these. I’ve tried different strains and while some weren’t great, I have never disliked another strain as much as I dislike this one.

    They made me feel irritable, agitated, short tempered and overall just annoyed by the smallest things such as the flicker of a flame on a candle.

    My temper went from 0-100 on these in an instant at the slightest inconvenience. It was something else.
    The most similar thing I can equate it to is the state of annoyance cats find themselves in when they start swooshing their tails and making airplane ears.

    The first time I thought it was a one off.
    The second time I thought it was a crappy coincidence.
    The third time was confirmation.

    This strain brings out some kind of weird, unexpected anger and agitation in me. Nothing that wasn’t manageable, but it wasn’t pleasant and not how I wanted to enjoy my mushrooms.

    I did not like this strain and would not repurchase but I do hope that anyone else purchasing it will have a more pleasant experience than I did. My rating reflects my experience overall.

    Otherwise, shipping/delivery/etc, customer service is always great with this company. Love these guys.

    Good luck to anyone who decides to try B+.

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