Enigma (Potent)


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Enigma Magic Mushroom Strain

The Enigma magic mushroom strain is a nostalgic mushroom strain in the mushroom growing community, as it does not fruit and produces a blob-like appearance. The original Enigma mutation was first discovered with a Penis Envy hybrid but has been observed with other varieties like Tidal Wave and Mazatepic. The Enigma-like mutation won the Psilocybin Cup held in Oakland, California, last spring, testing over 3.8% tryptamine content. On average, psilocybin tests at around .8-1.1% tryptamine.

Physically the Enigma strain looks like white and blue coral from the ocean, as well as resembling a human brain. They take up to seven months to produce and produce higher potency the longer they are left. The Enigma strain produces an elevated mood, altered perception, and altered thought patterns. It can also be therapeutic and introspective.

The Enigma Strain has been difficult to get for many years, as it was only shared throughout the growing community by a select few. Microdose Mushrooms is excited to finally release this magical anomaly to the world!

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