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Mind Blend (Non Psilocybin)

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Microdose Mushrooms Mind Blend


Per Recommended Dose of 2 Capsules:

Ingredients: (400mg) Lion’s Mane Extract, (400mg) Rhodiola Extract, (300mg) Beet Root Extract


*Organic, Nut, Gluten, PSILOCYBIN Free, & Vegan Friendly.

Microdose Mushrooms Mind Blend


Microdose Mushrooms Mind Blend is a functional mushroom and natural herb blend. We combined one of nature's top nootropics, Lions Mane, with Rhodiola, another serotonin antagonizer and Beet Root extract to increase blood flow to create a powerful cognitive enhancer.

This unique combination boosts serotonin and blood flow to the brain to increase focus, memory, and mood. In addition, it can help significantly with fatigue and is great for someone looking for something without psilocybin, as Mind Blend does not contain any psychoactive compounds.

Rhodiola Root has been used as a natural anti-depressant, and Lion's Mane has been shown to increase neurogenesis, making Mind Blend great to stack with our other product line. In addition, mind Blend specifically goes well with Neuro Blend.

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